Laminated Boards, Formica

Formica laminate, as supplied by Saxon Laminates Ltd, is the most recognisable name in the laminate market. Invented by Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1912, it was originally used for electrical insulation (as a replacement for ‘mica’) the product was quickly adopted for many industries who recognised its versatility.

The Formica Corporation ‘barrier sheet’ patented in 1927 is the forerunner of the modern kitchen and bathroom countertop. Every laminated Formica board that Saxon Laminations Ltd supply can trace its antecedents back to 1927.

Todays Laminate market

Todays Formica products, with their stunning array of colours and finishes give some indication of the immense potential that the early Formica champions recognised, it is also the reason why, at Saxon Laminates Ltd, we believe our product range needs to reflect the diversity of the Formica product and we are committed to supplying our customers with the best and widest range on the market.

Saxon Formica

Saxon Laminates supply hot or cold pressed laminated board, in ply, marine ply, MDF , FR MDF or as specified by our clients. As well as Formica laminated boards we also supply Polyrey and Egger face sheets for lamination. We also supply contract laminates such as Formica fundamentals, G Lam, Altrofina and Polyrey Durion. Boards are bonded with water resistant PVA, liquid urea resin, Resorcinol adhesive or other adhesive applicable to the end use of the board.

As well as bonding sheet laminated we bond Marmolium and Linolium to core materials.

We also bond face finishes to doors both standard and fire resistant.

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